Posting as "Corporate Communications" team in the "All Company" community

We are thinking of using Yammer for corporate communications. We plan to use All Company community for this purpose as it is open to all and already available by default and Microsoft recommends to do so.  Only the members of the corporate commination's team will be posting in the community for corporate related events and others will view and make comments if they choose to. 
One of our requirements is that the name of the poster in this community needs to be shown as  "Corporates Communication" and even better if we can show On behalf of "someone" - this someone could be CEO or President or some senior execs.  We don't want a regular user's name as the poster, e.g. John Doe. Bottom line, we want to show that all the posts are made by the Corporate Communications team.   Currently none of these is possible but these will be extremely helpful driving corporate communications via Yammer.
How do you all manage this?  Thanks 
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According to the below video, posting on behalf of is coming in the near future, so it’s a good news. Will have to see how that works out when comes out.

best response confirmed by Michael Holste (Microsoft)

@Monir You can create a "service account" that looks like an end-user to Yammer and name this user Corporate Communications. Then login as that user into Yammer and make your posts.


Posting in this way is far less authentic and some users will feel they are being spammed. But for announcements this isn't a terrible option.

@Kevin Crossman   Thanks.


We actually thought about this type of service account but hoping there could be a solution from Microsoft to manage this kind of scenarios if they want the news features to be used broadly by corp comms teams in organizations. 

@Monir  -- you could also share news via SharePoint using a service account and then "Send to Yammer" but Kevin's solution is our best approach at the moment and how we do it at Microsoft as well. 

@Michael Holste  Thanks.

Good to know Microsoft also using the workaround discussed here. Hoping Microsoft will be looking into this and provide some solution (not workaround)..