Pinned Items / Editing posts / Topics - on private community for external users

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Hello....I have created an private external community within our company Yammer, so that I can invite some selected external customers of ours to join us in conversation about our company's products that we offer them. There are a few odd things happening in terms of some Yammer features not available to external users that ARE available to internal staff users.

One main worry is that I have pinned some items in the Pinned section on the right side of the main landing page of the community - internal staff can see the pinned items ok, but for external customers the whole Pinned section appears empty - they can't see any of the items that I have pinned there - does anybody know why please and how I can enable that feature for external users?

Also, I have noticed that in a private external community, users cannot edit their posts after posting them - there is no Edit option - they have to delete them and re-post them with the required edits. But on a normal internal company Yammer community, internal users can edit their posts as many times as they like after having posted them - the Edit option is there.

And another thing I have noticed is that I have created Topics for the private external community and again, those same external users can't see the Topics I've created - they don't appear for them when they try to search for them to add them as tags to their questions/discussion posts.


Thank you.



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