When you auto enroll employees into a community, do they receive all Yammer related notifications by default?


(Example scenario: I'd like to add a group of employees to a Yammer community quietly. However, if by doing this they'll begin receiving notifications by default, I may need to re-think this plan)

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They'll get a notification when they're added to a community. And then they'll get notifications from that community (e.g. announcements) and that community may appear in their email digests.
Does this include subscribing them to e-mail notifications for every new message posted, or only messages posted as announcements?
Kevin, will they get an email notification of every new post or reply, or only for announcements? Regardless, notifications can be disabled, correct? But if I re-batch enroll to a community, are notifications reset to default? thank you in advance!! Gary
The fact that they are auto-enrolled into the community doesn't change any of the other features in Yammer.

Yes, they'll receive a Yammer Inbox notification of Announcements in communities they are members of. There is a person setting to disable email alerts for Inbox notifications (though the Essential Announcements feature does override that setting).

The Yammer feature to get emails for each new message is an individual user setting and cannot be set systematically for others users (remember: Yammer is not an email distribution list platform).
See my previous reply.