New Yammer Notification?


I think I am seeing a new behavior in Yammer, something that I am not necessarily happy with. 


When I reply to someone else's post or private message, my reply shows up as a new message in my In Box. A message I send becomes a notification that I now have to deal wtih.


Is anyone else seeing this? Seems like a completely unnecessary complication. Thoughts?

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I'm all caught up in my home network at present but your post raises similar or exact scenario I have noticed recently and for somebody like me who usually diligently clicks into every group that shows new conversation or action it seems very much like double handling.


Thinking out loud, I expect selecting "stop following in inbox" would halt any new activity for that thread appearing in your inbox.


Will try and test it today as my network gets going again.

Yes - when I post to a group I get an message in my Yammer Inbox notifying me of my own post.  I didn't think this should happen.  Yammer Bug?

I see my replies to posts in my Inbox, which I'd expect ... but I don't get a notification of a new reply. If that's what you're getting then I agree that is not desired.

That is odd behavior too, but I am talking about seeing a notification of a new message when I post, which seems completely unnecessary.

Same - when I post a reply to a post, I don't need to get a message in my inbox of my own reply.  This didn't used to happen and it doesn't happen all the time.

Same here. It bugs me because I _know_ when I posted full well. 


Maybe it helps keep track when people post through email. Not sure.

Has anyone opened a bug ticket for this? Because that might be useful to get some official answers and also send a message that this iteration really is bug, not feature.

Good next step @Deleted.


Two things:

  • Has anyone tested the 'maybe supports post by email' thought from @Deleted, and
  • If nobody else has or is in process of I'll raise a ticket hopefully sometime today

When you say Inbox, do you mean Outlook/email Inbox, or Yammer Inbox?

It could be that you are subscribed to the group to get email notifications.

Sounds like annoying behaviour - does everyone in your Yammer network have the same behaviour, or just you?

Hi Loryan,


Thanks for jumping in Smiley Happy


I mean Yammer inbox.


I don't subscribe to any group emails, and suspect others in this thread be pretty similar.


To best of my knowledge it happens to all in our network.

Oh, that's strange. Any chance you can send some screenshots showing the flow please?

Larry et all, are you still seeing this behaviour?


I haven't been able to replicate it recently, and just tried again.


In terms logging a support ticket, I looked  into it, hit a roadblock, then leant on a new friend, thanks @Angus Florance Smiley Happy.


He brought in another Microsoft helper who gave me the correct page to visit.


2nd roadblock is that (I learnt today) that all support tickets must go through our IT department.

Now I don't see the behaviour, so I'm stymied.


Seems like a win though if the bug is not happening.


If you are still experiencing perhaps you can get tat ticket logged.


Thanks all for your input and help!

Thanks for following up on this. Actually, I think the issue may be resolved! If I see it pop up again, will let you know. Thanks, and thanks @Angus Florance!