Keyword Monitoring in Yammer

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Yammer's admin panel includes the option to monitor for keywords, and kick out alerts when they appear in posts.


(Teams connectors also can pull posts with keywords using connectors, but limited by user access rights.)


Question: would people be willing to share their keyword monitoring lists from Yammer?


As I'm sure they include everything objectionable that people could dream up, perhaps the best way to do this is uploading Word documents and just talking in these posts about general categories.


Back in the O365 Yammer network days, there was a great example that @Michelle Gilbert and I can vaguely recall... but yeah.


So please, share your file with colorfully international swear words, references to protected forms or types of data, political keywords... the sky (or the gutter) is the limit.


Closing note that since our launch in 2012, Cargill has not monitored any keywords except "created" - that, so that we can quickly and easily identify our group creators, and add them to our group meant to offer support and resources. But my network is gaining a new admin as I turn to broader Office 365 adoption, and that leader can make her own call on our policy direction going forward!

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We don't monitor keywords either, but maybe we should! Looking forward to seeing examples.

has created the
it central
(also several of the 7 dirty words you can't say on television)


IT Central is the IT info site on our company intranet

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@Deleted not sure if you were still looking for feedback. I found this Monitored Keywords excel file that @Eric JENOUVRIER shared a while back in one of the old Yammer networks. In my opinion, the list is fairly robust (so much that I leveraged it to update our own network). (I especially like that Eric included other languages). Hope this helps!

Fabulous! Thank you so much!

Well, that's a very colorful list. Some things I'd never even heard of before.

Thank you for sharing this list @Lillian Diaz. Does anyone know if you can add more than one email address to the input box to get the notifications? I did try and maybe I am not using the correct separator. Would it be a good idea to use a group email instead of an individual?

One email address, but distribution lists/email aliases are your friends there.

LOL agree!