It's that time of the month again!!

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Every month our community managers run a 'group audit' basically it's where we reach out to group admins who have inactive groups (no unique posts for 30 days or more) invite them to training , workshops, etc or ask them if they still have a need for the group. The idea is that we delete old groups that no longer serve a purpose and improve those that have legs but need a little bit of love. Problem: We have almost 1,000 groups, of which 380 fall into the inactive status, we need to contact all group admins of these groups, but there is no way to export a list from Yammer, or any other analytics tool we know of, which includes group name AND group admin name - nothing. Our only option at this stage is to manually look up every single group individually to identify the group admin and manually add it to our list of 1,000+ groups. #facepalm. Does anyone else face this problem, does anyone have a better way?
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@Ryan CrockerI do this manually as well, but only about once or twice a year. Also interested in alternate solutions as it is very labour intensive. 

@Ryan Crocker Assuming that the majority of those inactive groups stay inactive and then are deleted, shouldn't that number of 1000 go down substantially over time?

Yes! Absolutely - we are newly launched, not even 12months in yet so there has been a lot of initial excitement and a flurry of group creation which we have now seen slow down...

@Rebecca JacksonI'm doing a major clean up now, but I was wondering if anyone has any "Retention Policy" language they can share? Is it included in your Yammer Usage Policy for employees?

@Kevin CrossmanWhat constitutes 'inactive'? I noticed in some communities the last post was a year or two ago, but shows active in the last 3 months in my data pull. Does a 'Like' on a post in a group make the group active? i.e. don't need comment (post) on a thread to keep it active; just need to "Like" an older post?

What constitutes "active" in an M365 connected Yammer group has been sort of a black box and at least so far as I have seen has not been well-defined. Maybe raise the issue/concern with your MS support?

@andrewclarke it's a bit of a grey area and we try to lead community admins to the decision to remove based on whether or not the community is still adding value for them. Our process is if communities have had no unique posts (i.e. more than just shared from other places) for more than 30-days we'll contact the group admin and offer to them support to work through the purpose of their community and to help them build it up, or we just ask them if the community has either served it's purpose or failed to take off and perhaps it's time to delete. If we don't hear back, we give it another 30-days, try making contact again and then just delete.