Is there any way to block end users from creating Yammer Communities?



I've been searching around, can't find an answer on this. We would like any Yammer Communities to be created to go through an approval process first. and would like to block Community creation (only Yammer Admins should be able to create Communities). Is there any way to do this?


Much thanks.

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@Donia Strand 


Create a Yammer community is in fact create a M365 group which is yammer enabled :) . The only and easiest way is to block this with an Azure policy which will allow only some people to create M365 groups . The site effect is that we will block as well the creation of TEAMS . 


We decide that each M365 group should be created by admin with a previous approval . It's slowing down a little creation yammer , TEAMS but you will gain in more controls. This is only my view 

Need to block yammer group creation for selected users but allow them to create teams and sharepoint
I don't think the M365 Groups policies allow for that level of granularity.
How about working power shell ??

Are we aware of any way to add restrictions on people from creating Communities? @Kevin Crossman 

You have to block M365 Group creation (which also blocks people from creating Teams in Teams).

Unfortunately, By Yammer design there is no option to stop Yammer users from creating their own groups. However, the Admin can monitor/delete the groups created by different users in Private Mode as the following: Navigate to Network Admin > Content Mode > Private content mode.