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I am adding a series of short, one page Word "Help" documents in my Yammer network, all connected using a series of topics. I believe that someone may be more likely to read a simple, one page document that focuses in on the help that they need "right now" rather than having to read through a 5 page document trying to find the exact piece of information they need. But, of course, these short one page documents become part of a larger collection of information when sorting using the topics.


In order for all this to work, I need to be able to regularly update the Word files. I  can't edit these files in Word online because they utilize graphics and text boxes, and Word online does not seem to like those things very much...yet. And, for reasons I don't understand, there is no "upload a new version" option for these files. If I make the changes on my hard drive, delete the exisiting file from Yammer and upload the new, changed file, any links that point to the  deleted file will now be broken.


I suppose I can recreate these files not using graphics, and not using text boxes, but I think this information might be harder to digest for the average user without the graphic cues.


Any thoughts how we can make this work? HELP!!!!


Attaching a couple examples for your review. 

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Two ideas.

1. What if you created a Note in Yammer with links to various documents? A sort of Table of Contents. Every time you uploaded a new document you would have to edit the Note, but at least the note would remain constant.

2. Use PDFs instead of Word Docs. That way you can upload a new version. (see screen grab).



pdf_yammer example.PNG



Thanks for the thoughtful response, Lana. The Note in Yammer is a fine idea...utlimately I don't love it though because it is an extra step people will have to go through to see the information, and it gives me fewer options to connect the information in different ways, like I am trying to do through topics.


Also, PDF's may work, but users cannot click on links in PDF's when viewing them in the PDF window like they can do with Word.


Keep the good ideas coming!

Strictly speaking to PDF creation....ability to link can happen...just depends on how you created the PDF.  I've learned that if you "Save As" a pdf vs "Print" to a pdf...the links carry over.'re right! That works!!!! You saved the day...thanks!

"Use PDFs instead of Word Docs. That way you can upload a new version." ... it's a little ridiculous that you can't upload a new version for Microsoft Office documents ... I expect that'll be fixed when the underlying Yammer document storage becomes SharePoint.