Do you use the Praise feature, or another way to highlight good deeds and achievements?

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Here's where I'm coming from with this: My company is retiring the incumbent way of giving praise to employees, which was a handwritten note called a SOAR Award that is then read out loud at our all-company Thursday meetings.


They want new suggestions.


I think this would be a great thing for our home network. The Praise feature has been used sporadically over the past few years, but has not had an actual program put in place behind it. So far I am picturing a mix of Yammer Praise and printing a screenshot of this praise to read publicly at our Thursday meetings--and that's as far as I've gotten.


How have you gotten people to issue praise online? Do you even still use the praise feature, or something else?

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Three ideas...
1. I've had a couple of clients do well with the Bonusly app...
2. We've run initiatives before where we've had people thank/nominate in Yammer using a # and the winner is chosen periodically by a senior person which is then communicated out - thats pretty straight forward.
3. The other thing I like the idea of but am yet to nut out, is playing with the #heyyoureamazing concept... I was handed one of their cards on a flight a few months ago and it made a big impact - there has to be a way to use this concept within the enterprise (you can read about it here or look up the # on Instagram)

Our Yammer network has around half of all employees on it now. The praise post is used a little, and I have used it a few times.

It does compete with an organisation wide and promoted kudos program, housed on SharePoint.

I can see the Yammer version overtaking the kudos one and I think it's ease of use will appeal more and more to users oncd Yammer is promoted more.

@Steve Nguyen, remember when you invited customers to be a part of praise? It made a lot of sense given the customer success role we had but still a powerful principle at play.


Disconnection accounts for so much ill in our organizations. We had a thread where we invited external folks in to share their perspective and praise in Yammer. Super inspiring! And wouldn't you know? There's solid HBR evidence behind this.


To Motivate Employees, Show Them How They’re Helping Customers