Do you use an editorial calendar for your community?

Julius Meliton

I've been thinking about implementing this but would love to get feedback from other Community Managers.


I regularly do these every week and have thought about evolving my efforts into a Content Calendar. On Mondays, I put up fun/random polls to help cure the Monday-blues. On Wednesdays, I praise the most influential Yammer members and groups from the previous week. And on Fridays, I send a weekly wrap up to our "Yammer Champions," our network's subject matter experts, in an effort to ensure everyone is aligned with everything Yammer. I share tips from Microsoft, or things I've done during that week to help the community flourish.


What other types of regular content do you post? Excited to hear everyone's ideas! 

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Stellar ideas! Wednesdays were for welcoming newcomers and reinforcing the vision. Similar to your recap I captured highlights in a Yammer Yield weekly note. Friday questions stretched the mind and mixed it up a bit. Eager to learn from others.

I like the idea of welcoming new members! I might have to borrow that, maybe on Tuesdays haha. 


I just worked with a client where a few specific groups had content calendars as the group was getting up and running. But it was less at the network level and more business focused around the group. Ideally it was the content that was normally in a content newsletter. Like Product Updates, Org Changes, Industry news/updates, etc 


I really liked ending the week with Highs/Lows as a team - again at a group level not at a network level. 


More at the network level we would do "What you may have missed" a few times a month. I've heard a few groups doing #throwbackThursdays - or something like Remember when... or pictures from the early days of the company, or #thankfulThursdays where people encouarge others to recognize eachother weekly. 

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