Delete Yammer groups not connected to M365 groups


When Yammer rolled out in organization, there was no training. Many Yammer groups were created and we would like to clean up our Yammer community. We do not have native mode for Microsoft 365 turned on. There are similar named Yammer groups to current Teams and SharePoint groups. We have also now locked down group creation using an AD group. How can I delete these old Yammer groups and not affect the Microsoft 365 group? Also when the Yammer groups were created it also created a Stream channel. I don't want to lose all the videos connected to Stream channel. We would just like to clear out our Yammer network and be able to start fresh with native mode and communities with specific purposes. There has be be a way to cleanup our environment and groups. Please help!

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If you delete Yammer Group it should not delete an M365 Group with the same name, assuming you're certain there's not M365 Group backing the Yammer group.

Note that Microsoft is going to be mandating Native Mode so I would recommend trying to move proactively towards that.
Thanks! This is one of the reasons I'm trying to clean up all the old Yammer groups so I can turn on Native Mode. I don't want M365 groups to be created for these old Yammer groups.