Compliance - How do you manage copyright concerns?

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Recently, someone created an employee engagement Yammer group  ("Funnies") so that people could have a place to share humorous workplace content. The group took off and people have enjoyed sharing funny content but their are some concerns about copyrights (someone potentially sharing a comic etc.) I have added some guidelines in the group but I'm wondering if anyone has tips on how to manage groups like this without stifling the spirit of what the group wants to do?

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I'd put that into things like the group description or acceptable usage policy.
If it's a comic strip and it shows the copyright text on it I don't think it's an issue as it's a private social network - so they are not profiting from it.
If it's an actual comic book that was acquired commercial (or through some non-legitimate means) then the sharing of that file is effectively piracy and that shouldn't be tolerated on company equipment and services (which should again be reflected in an acceptable usage policy).

Yes, that's similar to what I did in the INFO section of the group, thanks! How about dealing with content from Twitter, LinkedIn etc.? I've seen a few people share an image and say "saw this on Twitter" (honestly I've done that myself) have you ever been challenged with this? @Loryan Strant 

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The usage policy should cover the type of content, regardless of source.
If something is on Twitter or any other public social network, then it is fair game unless they specify otherwise (ie. including a copyright or attribution link) - which even then is questionable.

Agree on noting this in the Terms of Use. Would also suggest working with your Legal team for a general message about copyright material usage - because people are probably not just including those images in Yammer messages but also in their PowerPoint decks, etc.


Your company may also have something related to this in your Code of Conduct, which you can also reinforce.


Then, the question for Legal might be how you as the Yammer group owner / admin should you enforce copyright violations, and what is their recommended method? A note to the user? Deleting the post?

Noted! Thanks for the good advice @Kevin Crossman!