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There doesn't seem to be an option to close a poll in yammer and post a comment when doing so. I closed 'the conversation' and a pop up said I'd have a chance to comment as to why I'd done that but it didn't give an option. Then shortly afterwards a colleague voted on the poll.  

Can there not be a 'close the poll and comment' option or a date to close polls on added as a feature please? I won't use polls again probably if they can go on for eternity.. 

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Two things:
1) Can you stop a Yammer poll from being voted on?
No, you can't.
2) Stopping a conversation on a Poll (or post, or question or praise). When you invoke this it suggests that you should say why you're closing it. You should make that post before you close the thread.

Hi Kevin
Good to know 1) above, thanks for your response.
Re: 2) I thought I could close the poll (stop responses) then post underneath why I'd closed it (% voted from our community thank you.... etc but the process didn't allow that) but I see from your response that I should've first posted why I'm closing it then closed it, which is counter intuitive but okay I've learnt for next time :)

I totally agree, @Tracey11. It's frustrating when running a poll to solicit employee feedback on a given subject by a specific date and then after that date comes and goes, employees can still access the poll and vote. Unfortunately, the best option I've come up with is to take a screen shot of the poll on the date/time you want it to close in order to capture the data.

Ideally, you should be able to close the conversation thread and the poll.
Agreed closing a poll should be an option.
I agree polls should have an end date. We are also looking for ways to run polls, randomly select from the members list, effectively run contests, and celebrate accomplishments within yammer to drive engagement of our employees who are vastly remote.