Can we make an office365 group member of a yammer community

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I have created a community in my yammer.


Can I add an office365 group (Created from O365 admin) as a member of this community because I want all the members of the group to have access to my Yammer community?


Can I also use DDG to add people to my Yammer community?


a prompt response will be appreciated.

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Each Yammer Community is backed by a Microsoft 365 Group of the same name (this is similar to how each MS Teams team has a backing M365 Group).

In terms of membership, M365 Groups cannot be nested. So you can't have an M365 Group be a "member" of a Yammer Community.
Thanks for your prompt response.

So what is the best way to add people based on their departments in a yammer community?
You can make the membership of an M365 Group be dynamic based on query from Active Directory (e.g. everyone in a specific office, in a specific set of departments etc.)