Automate topics in Yammer using Yammer and MS Flow

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Just closing the loop on a previous post in case it helps anyone looking to do something similar...

Recently, our organization was looking for ways to expedite our internal Organization Announcements process.

Old Process:

1. Manager completing a form in SP

2. Email triggered to HR for approval

3. Email triggered to GC for approval

4. Manager would post message after GC approved.

was posted in SP intranet site (this would sometimes take days or weeks before message was posted!)


The GC team explored the possibility of using Yammer as a solution. For the team, tracking topics was an important requirement. That said, their biggest concern with Yammer was the risk that people would forget to add the corresponding topic (i.e. Ops Announcement = #ops). Furthermore, since the focus was reducing steps, the team did not want to be responsible for having to go back and monitor every single post. 


So... inspired by a similar experiment   @Tom Kretzmer helped me a while back, I reached out to Tom who kindly helped me with the challenge (@Tom Kretzmer you are the BEST!)

A few failures and tweaks later (big thanks to @Christopher Clay who helped fix my flow!) we successfully created a quick way for automatically adding topics to a post


New Yammer process:

1. Any manager posts to the Organizational Announcements Yammer group with no need of approval. The message must include specific key words in their announcement. (i.e. Corporate Announcement, Operations Announcement, Finance Announcement).

2. An auto reply from Flow goes to the post (in this case we use: Congratulations!) this action triggers Flow to add corresponding topic including the calendar year. (#corporate, #operations, #finance, #2018). 


























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Also, this is what a post looks like using Flow.

Tip: Check for extra spaces in your flow (this causes it to fail). Also, if you use caps in your keywords make sure to let users know otherwise Flow won't pick the post up.