Announcement Argument


An admin of an external Yammer network I help to manage makes every one of her posts as an announcement. This Yammer network is for a large 250 member non-profit board, and this admin feels that unless all her posts are posted as announcements, then no one will read the information she is trying to share.


My concern all along is how this practice conflicts with the best practices I have learned along the way. Announcements are reserved for the most imporatant information we have to share, and everything else is made as a regular post. This way, we encourage use of the platform and engagement with the information and people in the network.


But, Announcements require that users click on a link the email they receive because it contains only the first few lines of information, so while they are still going to the network, I'm concerned they are still not interacting with the platform. Announcements reflect a transactional relationship (tell me what to read, I'll read it, and now I'm done) rather than searching, replying and sharing.


I would like more "arrows in my quiver" for a meeting I am having this week. I have had this conversation a number of times in the last couple of years. Any other reasons occur to you I should encourage her to move away from announcements?



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With our 26,000+ employees, we communicate that announcements are to be used seldom, and that they are only for information that is necessary for one to do his or her job properly. "Need to know" information. We also try and tell our group admins to send announcements once a week. 


If she keeps sending Announcements, she's actually going to receive the opposite reaction from what she intends. Members will get annoyed if they're being inundated with a bunch of emails throughout the day - it doesn't help to add the number of announcement emails on top of that. 

Good stuff...thank you very much.