An Analog Way to Get People to Join Your Network

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Background: We'd done the emails, the website announcements, the word-of-mouth. But how could we really get the concept of our External Network in front of our customers' eyeballs--and even literally in their hands?


Solution: A postcard!


Note: This method could work for home networks as well, from desk-drops to actual mailing to overseas employees.


Here's us: 

We have a train-the-trainer model, which means our staff go out and train people who become "Certified Instructors," who then go back to their organizations and train their own staff. An initial training class can include people from all over their respective state and from many different disciplines.


Why Yammer for our customers was such a great idea in the first place:
I built an External Network specifically for our Certified Instructors to have their own professional development network to exchange tips and strategies with other people who do what they do, even if it's on the other side of the world, even if it's 2 a.m. somewhere.

Our training can last 4 days. There's a lot to keep track of! So even though our staff talks about Yammer, we wanted something more permanent to remind people to join after they'd gotten home and decompressed a bit.


Here's what we did:
Attached is our first giant postcard that gets handed out in training class (I've scrubbed any possible proprietary information).


Side 1 contains the all-important What's In it For Me? 




Side 2 gives the necessary calls to action, including writing down names of people to look up once they get in. 





It's our hope that this will help people remember that Yammer thing that got mentioned in class, and get them excited about signing up.

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@Deleted, hi and thanks. In the race to demonstrate digital awareness/prowess it is all too easy to run with typical approaches such as 'give a presentation then expect the audience to easily go all in from there'. I think that it could be applied in our home network in many micro cases, eg: starting up Yammer groups, etc. And slide 2 could be especially useful in our large organisation (yes, organisation has an 's', at least in Australia ;) where most staff still occupy a desk. And in my own Yammer community it might give a gentle nudge to those community members who are so far 'just watching'.

Do let me know if you end up using such an approach!