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I would like to communicate with someone regarding an account that is blocked.

Recently, we have attempted to address some very old comments that were made about our business  After numerous requests to do so, my account was blocked.

In the past, I tried to address it, as well but had no luck in getting any response.

We have been in business for 10+ years with an A+ BBB rating and have helped 1000's of customers through the years.

The claims made in the community appear to be from our competitors. 

Is it possible to actually communicate directly with someone that can help me with this?

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Tom Koziol

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Is the community you're referring to this Microsoft Tech Community? Or your organization's Yammer?

Hello Kevin.

Thank you for responding. Here is one of the links,

We have had some bad guys pretending to be us for years, off and on. I have reported this to the authorities, had a disclaimer added to my BBB profile for a long time. I just took it off, actually.

We have been in business for ten years with an A+ BBB rating.

I attempted to contact the moderators so that I could address these, but got blocked, unfortunately.

Thank you,