Update Microsoft Community Code of Conduct

Update Microsoft Community Code of Conduct
 Dec 05 2020
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I would like request to update Code of Conduct for Tech Community so it covers following concerns:


1) Avoid cyber-stalking meaning going around specific user and keep posting useless posts and offending users.


2) Be respectful and avoid addressing poster through offensive ways like indirect address they are not knowledgeable and so on.


I have seen users in this community where their post are a bit offensive and they are stalking and going around users and talking irrelevant useless content and because code of conduct is NOT banning them, they destroy other users experience to increase number of their posts and hopefully with these two rules and hopefully adding more rules and clarification , we would have better user experience.

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@Reza_Ameri-Archived , In general I agree, but perhaps my English skills don't allow me to understand some details

"keep posting useless posts" - how we define that's useless post or not?

"indirect address they are not knowledgeable" - not sure what is it

"they destroy other users experience to increase number of their posts" - is that a goal to increase number of our posts, do we care?

On MTC practically we have no moderation, which is good, but we always have the possibility to report this or that post as unappropriated content, isn't enough? From this point of view Code of Conduct just gives to MTC team more force for moderation, but average Joe never reads CoC.

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Thank you @Sergei Baklan actually your comment makes me realize I need to clarify this a bit. 

"keep posting useless posts" , I am referring that post should provides valuable information and poster should attempt to solve the problem and I have seen posts like someone using forum to be disrespectful to another user or posting something irrelevant. 

"indirect address they are not knowledgeable", yes I agreed it is confusing , what I mean the poster will NOT directly tell like you are stupid because that is abuse, but indirectly post something which has same meaning. For example let say I am post message like "Please run Windows Update" and I see response like "Everyone knows they have to check for update first" and in this case user didn't directly tell you are fool, but the message has same meaning and because there is no rule for that, it won't be removed.

Unfortunately, that is the case , for example I am engaging in this community or other communities to share my knowledge and also try to be help to community but number of posts are also important to improve rank let say from Occasional Visitor to Honor Member and as you know for programs like MVP , they ask you number of posts and participation.

I actually run into a user where doing behavior which I believe consider abusive but since we don't have these rules, the account is active and going around and it is harm to user experience and health of community.

Thank you for raising these issues, I am not able to edit the original post to correct these issues but I believe above posts would clarify my request.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived , again, in general I agree with you that all such cases as you mentioned are not acceptable. I only suspicious that changing of CoC wording will improve the communications. 


As for number of posts - yes, as MVP I report my activities, but I don't think it affects something if I report dozen more or dozen less posts in activities, and I don't mention Best responses and likes at all.

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@Sergei Baklan in case CoC update then moderators would need to act based on that and currently I see abusive posts such what I mentioned but because there is no such rules, then community moderator won't remove them. 

True, but to evaluate for MVP program or participation number of posts also is important.

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There needs to be more privacy options available in the user profiles to prevent stalking.

but I'm totally down for taking action against useless, spam, content free posts, or people that spread false information, have no technical idea and post wrong info in the threads.


I myself suggested similar things before:



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