RSS or Email Sync of new topics of Interest

RSS or Email Sync of new topics of Interest
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As you did with Yammer, allow a user to do the following:


1.  Select topics of Interest

2.  Allow that topic to be updated via RSS / Email Sync via Outlook 2016

3.  User can then review the topics of interest as they change

4.  Or add Reader Capabilities with Windows 10 to save via Edge

5.  Create Edge Pugein to Notifiy of new posts or topics related to your login in credentials for


Just some suggestions

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Thanks for your suggestions!

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@Maddie Egan thanks for the consideration.  I love how I can get rapid information from and  I hope http;// can be same as a Web tool for information


Hi @Christopher McMillan, we have RSS at the space level.  You can subscribe to RSS at the space level by clicking on the options menu next to the count of conversations on the right hand side of the page.  We recommend that members favorite spaces they want to see in their feed, and if you want to subscribe to new posts in each space your can subscribe to RSS feeds for each space.

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