Option to include Content Feed from 'Community Section' on Home

Option to include Content Feed from 'Community Section' on Home



 Jul 15 2016
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Home feed currently only appears to include discussions/content from 'Products' section.


Community content not available from home page (other than via left hand nav menu)

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Thanks, @Anthony Obi! This is good feedback. We definitely want our community to utilize the hamburger menu, as well as the breadcrumb on the top banner, but I hear your feedback regarding additional non-product tiles on the Home page.

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Happy to help @Maddie Egan Smiley Happy


Even a "Community" option in the "My Product Interests" (to include "Community section posts" in "My Feed") would be of help

(breadcrumb in the top banner not really much help on 'Home' unfortunately)

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Status changed to: Planned
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Status changed to: Not at this time.

@Anthony Obi


I am saying not at this time not because I don't think your idea is great, indeed I love the idea of mixing general community content with your own conversations, but we have changed the UI so much and we have some more plans changed to the homepage feed coming up.


I would be happy to take a new idea if you think this is still relevant but could you include some links and perhaps a screenshot?

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