Landing Page - Painful, almost useless, makes me wonder why I joined the 44 spaces relevant to me

Landing Page - Painful, almost useless, makes me wonder why I joined the 44 spaces relevant to me



 Aug 16 2018
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I hate to be harsh, but at this point the landing point makes coming back to techcommunities a painful experience.


I followed the following workflow:

Signed up

Joined communities that are relevant to me

Posted in a number of communities


Current workflow:

I come to the community main page


I am shown a landing page which might make sense if I joined 1 or 2 spaces, but not things I care about like replies to posts or posts I am following. I have YET to find anything on "Latest Activity" - what is that supposed to do - it sure doesn't filter based on what I have joined

You show me trending "spaces" which has nothing to do with the spaces I am already a member of.



From the home page I can not easily just jump the page that shows all of the spaces. Seriously - where the heck am I supposed to click?  The closest you have is the menu fly-in if I click the "hamburger" menu and scroll ALL the WAY down. Why are the spaces that I have said I care about AT THE BOTTOM.

And then that flyout has "My Favorite Spaces" but I can't click "My Favorite Spaces" -- I can only click a specific space


2nd Biggest Problem:

CARDS ARE WAY TOO BIG and I can't organize them.


What I want to see is:

#1: Activity directly related to me - message threads I have started, I have commented on, or I have "Followed"

#2: All of my followed spaces - maybe with a summary of #NewThreads

#3: Last would be data that you are focused on now i.e. "Spaces and Activity that you have not joined but that we think you might be interested in"




Seriously right now the "best" view is when I am looking at all of the spaces when you first are picking what to join. 

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@Neil Goldstein


Neil thank you for the valuable feedback, we are currently looking at how to modify the communities view and the current plan is to add a filter for 'My Communities' which would allow you to see a list of communities your a member off separate from the communities you may want to join. 


This is likely to be an iterative development so always happy to hear feedback.


You mention the hamburger menu, are you using the community on a mobile device?

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I can confirm that is its much easier to get the Spaces overview just by clicking on the top bar "Communities" button.


The "feed" is still [Latest Activity] defaulting to Newest BUT it does seem to be on subscribed spaces.


So that seems to be two very useful changes.


Thank you very much!



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