How to navigate to community ideas?

How to navigate to community ideas?



 Sep 15 2016
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Occasionally found they are returned back, but how to find them? No such space in Community Info Center, didn't find through menu items. Fortunately they are available from Favorites (where i added them at former time) in hamburger menu (but nothing is in dashboard favorites).

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Hi @Sergei Baklan it will come back on the Sept 16 release as mentioned in the release notes, here's a preview:



Hi @Anna Chu, thank you, looks good. Hope 3 dots allows sort by date. The only point showing of unread ones looks like missed, but let wait couple of days for publishing.

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Hi Sergei, there isn't a concept of read or unread here because we want to see them all displayed much like a noticed board. 


One thing you can't see is that you can toggle between:

  • Hot Ideas: Ideas getting the most votes and comments
  • Top Ideas: Ideas ranked by the most votes
  • New Ideas: Most recent ideas

The second filter shows you the ideas based on status:

  • New Idea
  • Under Review
  • Accepted
  • Rolled Out
  • Not at this time
  • Unspecified

Anna, thank you for the clarification. When hope subscription on the topics of interest will be here.

Community Manager

Ideas will not be isolated to just Community Ideas, we hope to have multiple Ideas Exchanges implemented within Product and Solution communities.  It will be a Space you can 'favourite'.  There will also be the option to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Second filter by status doesn't work at all

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