Groove music VR update

Groove music VR update
 Sep 23 2020
New Idea

The current covid pandemic has slowed down the entertainment world(Music),due to cancellation of concerts.
I believe Microsoft can and should enable live 3D virtual concerts for all music fanatics to enjoy. Groove music can thereby enable artists to offer online tickets,charge and invite a certain number of fans to participate in their concert.
Fans can use their phones to adjust the angle in which they feel comfortable watching the artist perform.
Fans can also interact with fellow fans who will then have allowed disclosure live profile only when the concert is on going by using a web cam or their phones to record their space during the live concert.
The artist on the other end should also be equipped with a 3D VR headset that can allow him/her to subsequently have a sequence of their fans if they wish.
The 360° cameras on the artist side should be enhanced in such a way in that they can join the different angle captures into a single motion sequel and should also be capable of capturing an artist playing their instrument for cases such as classical music and symphony music. 
I stand to be corrected if i sound misinformed.
Thank you.

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