Fix the bug in topic view counter

Fix the bug in topic view counter
 Apr 18 2019
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Tie each topic view to a specific IP address. right now with each page refresh, the view counter shows a new view. so in 1 minute you can refresh too many time to get more than 100 (fake) views. i think this is something that needs to be fixed. thank you

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Welcome to the community ideas board, as it stands at the moment this is how the blog view is designed. it shows pageviews not unique views.


As a bug report I would normally close this as 'as designed' however I would like to change the topic to 'Make the number of views on blogs show Unique views' thus making it a feature request rather than a bug. Also means we will consider it if enough community members up vote it. 


Would that make sense to you

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Sounds good

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At this time pageviews is the only metric we can show.


We will of course consider this again should we be able to change the metric on display.

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