Ability to Report Abuse on User Profile

Ability to Report Abuse on User Profile
 Mar 06 2020
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Currently, we could report posts and comments which are abusive but we don't have option to report abusive profile. Sometimes, the user might not directly submit abusive posts but series of behavior of user in community could be abusive like following a user around or posting multiple spams and instead of reporting each post, it would be better to report entire profile, so posts will be checked by moderators.

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Any update on this idea?

There are other forums where have this option and normally it is good when we dealt with spammers.

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There is no need to report profile, just report the post,

I explained more in here:



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Not everyone here has good intentions.

there are occasions where someone makes a new account and posts spams or tech support scams in various communities.


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spam and tech support scam is obvious, there is no need for deep thought.

if you can't recognize them it's okay, nobody forces you to report anyone.

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I have noticed in other community there is a possibility to report an abusive profile too. There are too many posts and users there and it is helpful like when you see a user posting multiple spams instead of reporting each spamming posts, you could just report the user profile and the moderator will check the post.

Sometimes we a user might just post one abusive post and in other case, the user might be the abusive user.

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Or just report one post and mention the user is mass spamming. moderators have the ability to check the logs and history.

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