why is microsoft community website sharing my screen?



 is it safe to use it? can it track my other tabs like my transaction,


 also my antivirus is not happy with content of this website

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Thanks for posting, we do not use click.tracksummer.com and also do not share contents from your tabs.


I have also checked your profile page and confirmed nothing we have would be producing that dialogue. you have shown here. I would suggest you check your extensions your browser is using, make sure your antivirus is up to date and run a full system scan.


To check if its an extension you could open your browser in-private or incognito mode and see if you get the same dialogue, or try another browser.


You could also try downloading Microsoft Security Essentials and run a scan with it, to make sure its not a false positive from AVG.


Lastly if all else fails then report it to AVG who maybe able to help you further.


Thanks for posting

Allen Smith

Technical Lead

Microsoft Tech Community



This square box on your tab is the indication that your tab is being affected by an extension




I can get it on YouTube tab too, i did it by using one of my extensions that controls the volume and increases it further than the limits




Also you can try the new Microsoft Edge browser, it has built-in tracking prevention