Seeding Discussion in the Product groups?


Is there any plan to seed relevant discussion in the product groups beyond this preview stage? At the moment a lot of the discussion across all channels is about the features of this network and a few niche queries that do not address the richness of the potential product conversation. For example the Yammer Community Management group currently has only 3 posts. It will take a considerable amount of time and effort to build out the richness of conversation if we need to wait for questions to be asked in a slightly daunting context. As this is not a microblogging platform, contributing other than in answer to questions is not encouraged. To accelerate the scale and value of the network is there any plan to seed some discussions or at least structure further sub-groups to facilitate a more relevant conversation.  I'm sure in planning this network that there are targeted discussions/use cases that Microsoft would like to see in each of the groups. @Anna Chu  

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I think you'll find this isn't the case in other product groups such as the SharePoint group. We can move disucssions fromt the Community Management/Yammer group to the community discussiosn group. As it turns out the people most passionate about this community are the ones passionate about Yammer in their home communities:) But- to answer your question, yes we are working to add new content and conversations when appropriate. 

Thanks Lana. Look forward to seeing it evolve then.