New "My Home" dropdown - super un-useful!!!

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The new "My Home" dropdown hides too much information, the primary communities I use are not featured.  The list is in alphabetical order, so I now have to take 2 steps to get somewhere it used to take me only 1.


Make the show more scroll, or do something so that I can get directly to the communities I want to join.


(Generally dislike this UI change compared to the previous iteration).

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Here's my rant on the new iteration:


Enough with the "responsive", "mobile-friendly" and other similar **** please. If I use a desktop browser, I dont need to have half of my screen taken over by useless whitespace. One can barely fit 10 words on a single line in the new thread list/overview. Really unpleasant to read.


Do a proper detection for mobiles and only offer THEM the new experience.


/rant off