Incorrect number of Spaces

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When I look at the Communities page, each card shows the number of Spaces in that community. I checked several and these numbers are not accurate 

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Yes, the number of spaces in each community listed is all inclusive of *every* space in that community, which includes private or limited-access spaces. When you click into it, you'll only see the spaces you have access to. So it's not inaccurate, but I can understand why it's confusing and something we can look into.

Thanks, i did not know that there were limited access spaces. What is there purpose in a public community like this? how do we learn about them so that we can request access?

Thanks for the question. 


Every private community has a specific purpose depending on the team hosting it. Sometimes they are hosting an NDA preview of a product and they only want members who have signed off on that. Or perhaps it's for a specific group of people such as MVPs. Sometimes a private community is being staged on the back-end in preparation for a public launch. 


We will share any information about any private communities that are open to the public to request access to them.