IF statement for colouring cells

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Hello world! I don't know if it is possible but I hope so:

I would like to give my excel sheet a command for colouring selected cells ONLY IF the value in that cell is greater than zero.

thanks to everyone will give me a hint:lol:

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The feature is called "conditional formating".


Can you please explain how it works? thx

@opare1109 :
My excel is in german. But you will find the buttons at the same place:
First you have to mark the area to be colored:


Then you have to choose conditional formatting and greater then:


Next dialog: Greater then 0 and ok:



And in the result you get this:





Ok great. Now I'd like to go further :') ....
I have a two cells and I would like to colour them only if both the value are positives.
do you know how to do that?