I can no longer check notifications in the Microsoft Tech Community


@Michael Holste

Whenever I click no the notification bell in the Microsoft tech community, I get the error that I have pasted below.  I have tried multiple browsers and the issue still happens.  I have attached a screenshot to this post.  



For "${...}" content: Expected a string or something automatically convertible to string (number, date or boolean), but this has evaluated to a sequence+hash (wrapper: f.e.dom.NodeListModel): ==> notification.target.actor.@view_href [in template "custom.user.profile-private-activity-notifications" at line 71, column 78] ---- Tip: This XML query result can't be used as string because for that it had to contain exactly 1 XML node, but it contains 0 nodes. That is, the constructing XML query has found no matches. ---- ---- FTL stack trace ("~" means nesting-related): - Failed at: ${notification.target.actor.@view_href} [in template "custom.user.profile-private-activity-notifications" in macro "displayNotificationMessage" at line 71, column 76] - Reached through: @displayNotificationMessage notificat... [in template "custom.user.profile-private-activity-notifications" at line 146, column 41] ----

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Looking into this. We are opening a support ticket to investigate. 

Good Morning.  This isssue is fixed now and no longer occuring for me on desktop or mobile.  I think your team must have fixed the issue.