Excel space not working properly

I cannot click beyond two pages of questions in the Excel TechCommunity. 
When I click "Show more conversations" at the bottom of the page, it only works once. After that, the spinner spins but no more conversations show up. 
I've already rebooted my computer and removed all techcommunity cookies, but the behaviour persists. 
Also, clicking on "unanswered" shows no conversations, even though according to the list of "unread" there are conversations with no replies.
For what it's worth, other communites have more pages, e.g. Microsoft 365 keeps on serving more conversations when clicking Show More Conversations. I tested this on a different browser which I never used on Tech Community before, as an visitor that is not signed in. 
In the Excel space the page greys out the 'Show more conversations' link after clicking it the second time.
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I have the same experience as @Ingeborg Hawighorst 


It's bit better now - "Show more conversations works" 4 times. On 5th click it shows for a while refreshing cycle but nothing happens.

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Thanks. We'll take a look at this.

@Eric Starker , it looks like resolved now, thank you.


@Eric Starker  Thanks!!