Can't upload the picture into the post


Appeared today. Stays forever on uploading (Vivaldi, IE, Edge). Is that only my issue or someone else also have it?

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Yes, seeing the same issue, the image did eventually appear though, took around 5 minutes.  Also, seeing a similar delay when posting in a discussion. During the delay, you click post again and you end up with two identical messages.


Update: I am not getting notifications either, via email or on the bell icon

Cian, thank you. It looks like it was another update over weekend.


Yes, delay in post and no email notifications as well. I'm on RSS, it shows new post appeared (my one), but browser still "posting"...

Didn't check how it is with pictures, but posting and emails notifications returned to "normal" behaviour some ago.

Same here, notifications back to normal and working as usual.  No delay in posting to discussions either.

Hi All,

Sorry for the late reply, I can confirm there was an issue earlier today with posting which was causing the symptoms you have outline, sorry about that!

This has now been fixed and thank you for reporting

Hi Allen - thank your for the update