Table Talk: Why (and How) You Should Give Back to the Community


Let's get the conversations started! Here are just a few questions that I have. How about you?


Q. What are the different types of communities that we can contribute to and make an impact in?


Q. How important is it to you that you give back to the community?


Q. What do you think motivates people to give back to the community?


Q. What are some ways that you give back?


Q. Are there some things you would like to do to give back but cannot for various reasons?


Q. In your opinion, what do people do that creates a positive impact on the community? What about negative impacts?


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3 Replies

Thanks for getting the conversation started, @Mike Nelson! We're so fortunate to have a great Microsoft 365 Community, with lots of opportunities to get involved. Whether you enjoy listening to podcasts, attending M365/SharePoint Saturday events, speaking at user group meetings, or connecting online via the socials, there's an opportunity. 


I'm interested in hearing how COVID has changed the way people engage with their community. Do you find you're joining in on more events now that they're virtual? And are you staying connected with others in the M365 space in new ways?

@Mike Nelson  Very well covered. I think one of the core aspects of community work is self-growth, which many people tend to overlook. When someone contributes in a community, its not only others who are benefitting from that experience. But, it is actually the other way around.

Speaking of my own experience, I have learned and grown so much through the community contributions. For example - by just speaking in user groups and events, I have improved my public speaking skills, gained deeper understanding of the topics I have presented and made new friends in the community.

I am looking forward to the table topic discussion to see how community contributions have helped everyone and what are the different motivating reasons to stay active in the community. I am also interested in hearing some of the cool/creative ways people have contributed to the community. 

@Sarah Haase COVID 19 has certainly changed the complete landscape. Back in January/February of 2020, I couldn't have imagined to connect to so many Azure tech communities virtually. I think things have changed for good and I feel so happy to be connected with tech communities across the globe. 

I agree @Vaibhav Gujral. COVID has provided unique opportunities for connecting over video, having longer Twitter discussions, and recording conversations on various M365 topics.