Table Talk: Future of Community Events


Join this Teams Meeting to meet and share stories with other attendees in an open discussion about running online community events.

  • What new ways have emerged through virtual conference planning?
  • How do you stay connected to the participants and create a sense of community without face-to-face contact?
  • What do #communityevents look like now that they are digital?

Ask questions, bring in your perspective! Join the Talk!

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Unmute yourself, turn your camera on - No presentations here! Join the Community Events Table Talk and have some questions ready. Be prepared for chat and a fun interactive discussion!


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3 Replies

Thank you @Vesa Nopanen and all other community members for a great Table Talk. Definitely too short. 
During the session, you mentioned that there is a free community tenant available from Microsoft for organizing community events. I have searched a bit and found this thread which indicates that Microsoft dropped the idea. Can you confirm that?

If true, can you give any advice for those who would like to spin up a virtual community around Microsoft technology that will be utilizing the same technology to organize it?

@Michal_Z Several events use the tenant for community events. I don't know the current sign-up process for it. It is not a free tenant, but a team in a community tenant and it is meant for active communities & user groups. Some large events (like M365 Chicago Virtual event did) also utilize it. 

Perhaps @Laurie Pottmeyer could know what is the status there and how to get forward? 


We use the tenant, too and yes, Laurie ist the best one to ask. There is no official registration page.