Where can I download Resource Training Slide DEMO Product Microsoft?

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I'm a Microsoft CSP I need a Resource tool for referring customers. Where can I download it? 

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Hi @namlovely201180 


In order to provide an accurate answer/resource, please provide more information as I am not clear on what you're asking and/or what product/service you're asking about. 



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I need a Resource tool Slide material for referring customers. Where can I download it?
I usually use https://cloudpartners.transform.microsoft.com/

Do you have any recommendations other than these 3 sources? For example, I want an Overview Exchang online and Comparison slide between On-prem and Exchange Online sales pitch or a Tecnical Traning Slide. I don't know where else to download them.



Thank you for the added detail. 


The only comparison that I have is on the following Comparing Exchange Online and Exchange on-premises client programming | Microsoft Learn


Alternatively, a general internet search shows multiple comparisons that have been posted that may provide what you need, such as Microsoft Exchange Online vs. Exchange On-Premise: What Should Your Small Business Choose? (linkedin...



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