Partner Center - Sales Agent role should have access to the Software tab

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From my point of view the Sales Agent role in Partner Center should have access to the Software tab on customers as they can sell software. At the moment only Admin Agents can access/see that tab on the Customers. Forcing us to use the Admin Agent role for sales people is not good in a security perspective.

Is this something than can be fixed?

(Documentation I got from the partner Center support Assign roles and permissions to users - Partner Center | Microsoft Learn)



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Hi @HenrikIvarsson 


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Unfortunately, this would not be the best platform to post such feedback/question. 


Since I haven't seen any upcoming Partner Hours Calls scheduled, I suggest that you submit your feedback & question by clicking on "feeback" from the link you've provided. I don't believe they'll respond to you, but my understanding is that they do log and may even act on your feedback:



As a last resort, you could submit a support ticket in Partner Center. 


Hope this helps! :smile:


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Hi and thank you!

It was the instructions I got from the partner Center support and link to here but I'll try your suggestion then. :)


Hi again! Got routed back to create a support case in Partner Center as I have already done. :) No way to give feedback regarding this to the Partner Center Team?




Thanks Jill...I did not know that this site existed.  I'll bookmark this website for future reference. :smile:


Thanks, I was on my way to submit the feedback using the link you provided but was not comfortable to complete it as i did exist a Forum for Partner Center or anything related to that.
What I understand I can not create a new forum, is this something you can help me with or direct me how to proceed?

Thank you!

@HenrikIvarsson I would like to help you, but I'm unclear with what you are trying to accomplish. Can you clarify? Thank you kindly! 

Great, I follow the link you provided, select "Send feedback" I get tot the form to submit Public Feedback.
On the form at the top I need to select Forum, "Select a forum". In that list to chose from there are noting related to Cloud Solution Provider Partner Center portal that I would like to give important feedback about.

Hope this helps.