How to fix Indirect Reseller status: Declined

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  • Click the "?" at the top of Partner Center
  • Click "Contact Support"
  • Problem Summary: Indirect Reseller Status = Declined
  • Workspace: Enrollment
  • Problem Type: Enroll > Enroll into CSP Indirect Reseller Program
  • Review Recommended Steps, which I've pasted below. 
    • There is a verification status page and the agreements to sign.  Check those, linked below
  • Click "Create support Request" and work with Support

Recommended Steps from Partner Center Support

  • Learn about CSP Program - Overview  of CSP program and learn about different operational models and their requirements. Click here to view detailed instructions  to enroll into the CSP program.
  • CSP Enrollment - If you are ready to enroll, start enrollment  for CSP program.
  • How to connect with Indirect Provider  - Working with an indirect provider allows you to offer a broader selection of Microsoft's cloud-based services and solutions to your customers. Learn more.
  • Signing Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA ) - questions and answers to address potential issues and solutions for helping understand how and why to accept the Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA).
  • Account Verification process  - Your CSP enrollment will NOT be complete until account verification is Authorized. Go to Account Settings  to check the value of "Verification Status" and follow instructions on the page to fix your account verification before filing a ticket here.
    • If the "Verification Status" is Pending, please note that it can take more than a week for account verification to complete.
    • If the "Verification Status" is Rejected, please go to Account Settings  to provide necessary documents and complete the account verification process as the mandatory pre-requisite to CSP enrollment.

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