How can I get contact info for my MSP representative?

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I need to TALK (not get a like to all the web pages I have already read) to a Microsoft person that can help with my with MSP.  We were told to contact our "PDM" but no one can tell me who that is.  We are a Microsoft Partner but never got some one assigned.  We have built our customers to over 4 Billion in revenue and pre-IPO all with Azure.  Can someone please tell me how to get a contact to work with?


I opened a ticket in MPN but it was useless, they gave me the link the web site for my local MS office which has an automated useless phone system and after 10 calls still can't get to a human. 

Please help.. 

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you have to login to Microsoft Partner account using Partner Login details. From there go to support and contact us section to get in contact with Microsoft

@johnny45  Thanks for the reply.  All that does is open a ticket.  I have opened a few tickets asking to get my contact and NO one has responded with useful info.  They just say that is not their area and give some generic MS website or 800 number.  Which we called and tried to get someone but could not.  

The first ticket opened there just said it was not their area and closed the ticket.  The 2nd ticket in a different area said same be offered a link to find my local office.  I called and got generic phone system which we tried several things to get to a human and never could. 

Just feeling super frustrated that there seems to be ZERO way to get the person that should be assigned to my account.  Not sure why it is not on the portal at least as a generic distro email or something. 


We are trying to get involved in the ECIF program.  Our customers are asking that we get involved so they could use our services via that program.  NO way to even start that conversation without a contact from MS.


Thank for the help.




@Ken_Leach you can't request a PDM, they are assigned internally once you hit certain thresholds of partnership.


 @AsherNierman can speak more to this and has written a comment on another post that you may find helpful: Partner Development Manager - Microsoft Community Hub.


I am also moving this post to our CSP board as it may fit better there. 

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Hi Ken,
This is why I started my business, "The Partner Masters" - 13 of our 15 employees all worked at Microsoft. We know the partner business inside and out, so we understand your pain points and we're confident we can help. We work with over 110 Managed and Non-Managed Microsoft partners today. If you're interested in a conversation, we would be happy to help you with your ECIF eligibility and to help you qualify for all of the MCI programs to help make you a more profitable Microsoft partner.

Hi @Ken_Leach 


When opening a support ticket, it's best to submit one ticket for each category so that the inquiry can be directed to the correct department or area of expertise. 


As far as I know, the MSP is a retired Microsoft program.  Depending on the program you're enrolled in, to have a one-on-one conversation, you'll need to purchase a support plan


Otherwise, you can log into Partner Center to find documentation and resources to find answers to your question(s). 


If you choose to use Partner Center, I can assist you by finding the documentation/resources. However, in order to best assist, please provide the following:

  1. What program did you enroll in?
  2. What are your specific questions? 



@JustinSlagle we get lots of questions around ECIF, good to know you are out there! :)