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It would be a good idea in future releases of Classnotebook to have the Teacher Only space as one of the default section groups without having to activate it. I am training staff to use class notebooks at the heart of their 'E' operation in their classes, and it is very challenging for most- activiating the teacher only space through Manage Notebooks seems to me an unnecessary complication.

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How are you using the Teacher Only space with your teachers?

We use the teacher only space to set up table-based activities like worksheets and quizzes to distribute out to students' sections. We do this to avoid duplication; if we set them up in the content library, there would be two versions. My whole approach to using class notebooks is to avoid confusion, minimise duplication and to keep things organised.We have a standardised set up of all class notebooks across the school so that as students move between areas, their class notebooks are structured identically. Of course the teachers' content can be as they need it. Another approach we use is to have a 'master' notebook that a team of teachers that teach the same class but different groups can distribute from. 


A "master" notebook is the best practice I've found for teachers as it's more easily accessible for other teachers who teach the same "classes" to different groups of students. They could use an Office 365 group and the shared notebook in there for a "department".

Thanks Philemon. Yes, we do that aswell. I like the teacher only section as it's in the same notebook as your class. Its easier to set up a task 'on the fly' in there, which you can always distribute back to the 'master' if it's worth it. I often come up with quizzes and activities like this if I'm at a 'hinge' point in a unit.  My frustration is that I find the teacher only space really useful, and if its worth having, its worth having from the get go without having to enable it. To me, minimising clicks is what makes onenote easier for teachers.

We use the Teacher-Only space as a staging area for items that are going into the content library.  Once everything is ready and agreed upon, only then do we add it to the Content Library.

Does anyone know how to set up the Teacher Only section in a teams created class notebook?

The notebook tells you to go to view teams, settings and then scroll down to the class notebook settings - unfortunately they do not seem to exist!

Thanks, Martin

I've posted this same question into the Teams yammer group. I've also sent an email to Matthew Whitehead one of the lead engineers with Teams. Hopefully they will see this and figure out a solution as as it stands now this one feature is a deal breaker for me. 

a master notebook is also something that I like, however I use the teacher only space to house all of the upcoming lessons. worksheets and course materials so that these are stored alongside the actual course. This way a Teacher on Call (substitute teacher) can access these as they need it as I have set up a TTOC dummy account and given that account teacher viewing rights. But for me, it really is an area that I populate with everything I need for that course including notes on students including conversations, parent conversations etc...

I have posted about the same issue over at the "Classroom is Withdrawn" thread. It doesn't look to me like Teams for Edu is a finished product. I won't be recommending it to my school until it is ready.

I agree @John Goodhind, see my proposal with regards to restructuring OneNote Class Notebook, which will resolve this problem - and please vote for it. Microsoft looks at the votes to see how much support an idea has.

Thanks Brian. I've had a look and can't find it either. Please let us know when you have an answer.



I see it on my view... 

You can also watch here:




We have been talking about the Teams onenote creation, not the Class Notebook. I was informed today on another thread that this feature request will be made avaiable this Friday. 

Ah, got it...thank you.


so best guess on when this will be available is mid July now. Was told this this past Friday

Still no sign of this feature - come on Microsoft, I need this before we finish for the summer!

There is a workaround I'm trying out. I created a separate teacher only team with separate channels for each class. This provides extra features, apart from the OneNote section, for teacher only use. It does sound a little silly to have a one man band (team) but then a teacher can keep all his/her admin in one interface.

Have you heard any more on the completion of teams date?  This is so frustrating as I am trying to set things up for next year.  I read somewhere it would be last week but still no sign although it was featured on the teams for edu training!

Agreed- very annoying. Workarounds are all very well for those of us who can find them, but teachers don't want work arounds- we want things that work properly, and much of  what we are using doesn't, I'm sorry to say (and that includes ordinary class notebooks, outside of Teams).  I don't mean to be negative here, as the whole Class Notebook architecture is  a wonder of software engineering, but the fact remains that the amount of teaching time taken up with glitches (be they sync issues or confusion between apps etc) is worrying.  The list of things that teachers and students must and mustn't do (to avoid problems) grows by the day. It is clear that training for teachers and students in the effective use of classnotebooks alone, never mind Teams/Groups is vital early on. As I've said before, If Teams isn't fully ready to go before the end of term 3, it will be too late for 2018.