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Hello Change Alerts folks! We're seeking to improve based on your feedback, suggestions, and ideas. You've provided a lot of constructive criticism, as well as support and encouragement, in the Change Alerts community.


On Friday, I wrote a blog about how we're approaching new app releases, which was first demonstrated by Microsoft Teams. Check it out, and I'd love your feedback on whether we're heading in the right direction. Thanks!

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What a relief that there is actual mention that it doesn't apply to Government and Education!

In the past that was rarely, if ever, pointed out in announcements of this kind.



Microsoft Teams is not available to Education and Government customers at this time.

One of my biggest frustrations! Thanks for noticing and expressing appreciation! We're working hard to be clear in all of our communications, and positive reinforcement is really helpful. If you don't mind, I'll share your feedback with the person who wrote that.
And don't forget Edu tenants too

Could you also please make sure that EVERY announcement in the Roadmap is clearly tagged with the applicable SKUs and Tenant type (gov, edu, etc).


I would like to suggest standard set of metadata (maybe Service, platform, SKU, Tenant type, Status, and Effective Date) that would be applied to every single communication. By tagging every comm with one or more choices for each of these categories there would be consistency, improved understaning and decreased frustration.

Next challenge - start launching products with full support for compliance/legal controls! Cannot talk about Teams yet, but we definitely appreciate the changes we are seeing in this regard :)


In all fairness though, there are still some bits and pieces that are getting rolled out without proper admin controls, and what's even worse, without prior notice. We've been having some discussions around that subject for the last few weeks (heck, months now) with the Outlook/Exchange folks, and I'm sad to keep seeing replies such as "we dont plan to introduce controls for this".


So overall, a big yay, but the principles detailed in your article should apply across the service (across all Microsoft teams).

Yes, please share the feedback!

+1 for Dean's suggestion. A solid set of metadata would be of great benefit

@Juan Carlos González Martín and @Cary Siemers, we don't want to leave out anyone! We should be transparent about where services are available and where they aren't. That includes Business, Enterprise, Education, US Government, Germany, China, and Non-Profit. I won't play favorites among our children :)


@Dean Gross and @Bill Diekmann, I want to set expectations low...but that is exactly where we are heading. A lot of the investments have been made, and we're developing the necessary infrastructure in order to include a much more robust set of information. The first step was to upgrade the front end - the roadmap website - which took place earlier than planned. We're stabilizing and fixing the site while also upgrading the backend system. Once ready in the coming weeks, we will be delivering training to all the product marketing managers so that they know how to enter information and follow the communication processes (announcements, blog, message center, documentation, etc). Then we will be prepared to start providing additional information, new views, and greater sorting/searching capabilities.


@Vasil Michev, simultaneously releasing new applications in all of the clouds and offerings with full compliance is nirvana. That is my dream state but unrealistic anytime soon, unfortunately. It is certainly important to strive towards a vision. As for features within a service, we're still trying to find the right balance. It seems obvious to provide controls at the app level (ie Teams) and configurability within the app, but as you mentioned, enhancements to a service are a bit trickier. Keep in mind that the more controls and various configuration options, the greater the complexity, and the more risk for weird issues and bugs... Do you have any features in mind where you would want greater control?

Do you have an idea about when you will reach / include Business, Enterprise, Education, US Government, Germany, China, and Non-Profit?
I'm not sure... However, I specialize in release/change management and also happen to cover US Government, so I can speak to that one. In order for an app or service to be available in Office 365 US Gov, it must meet the compliance, data residency, and screened personnel commitments. The Microsoft Teams PG is actively working through the FedRAMP controls, which will allow us to make it available in Office 365 US Government Community (GCC). We don't have an ETA for release because it will depend on the scope of any missing controls.

@Brian Levenson it's not always about control, sometimes a notification would do. But that needs to happen well before a feature is actually rolled.


Latest ones we've discussed at lenght with the Exchange/Outlook folks were the Archive folder and some stuff about Groups we cannot talk about publicly yet. Both were handled very poorly, and what's worse, there's no indication that the teams are learning from past experiences. I can hit you up with some specifics if you want.


Don't get me wrong, the overall progress is appreciated! The fact that Teams launch with all the compliance features at reach is huge.

As has been said elsewhere, all efforts are hugely appreciated and it's come a long way!  Not to knock you down but the Focused Inbox for me is the current benchmark.  The Focused Inbox rollout has been horrible and I can't fathom why there hasn't been more communication.  


Most of us understand delays happen but just keeping us informed goes a long way! There are posts here from customers suffering from a partial rollout and not getting anywhere with little clarity even when escalating to the appropriate support channels.  I want to see Microsoft get even better with Office 365 change management but this example and the others that have been mentioned can knock our confidence. 


I can add, though, I have been super impressed with the Microsft Teams launch and how well it's been done, so that is a great example how well it can work.