Switch to prevent users from creating new Access Apps in SharePoint Online

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I just spotted the new switch on the SharePoint settings page (admin center) to block users from creating new Access apps.  I don't visit this page too often and I didn't see a note in the message center announcing this.




@Chris McNulty@Michal Bar - a note in the message center would be good to do.

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Hi Kelly,

We shared information about this switch in the original AWA message on the message center, and stated that rollout of the new admin switch will be completed by the end of May.


I hope you find it useful!

Michal [MSFT]. 

And I think this setting has been there for a while

Sorry - I missed the detail about the end of May in the original post.


However, I still think new switchs/options should always get a new message in the message center when it becomes available in my tenant.  I have to create reminders to check back weeks/months later for promised changes, which can be tedious and time consuming.


Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín - I'm pretty sure it hasn't been there that long.  Definitely, wasn't there a month ago.