Profiles in Delve recently updated?

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It looks like Delve profiles have been recently updated. Does anyone have information about the changes made and even more the changes to come?


I have long wanted proper profiles where you could click on a school to see everyone from that school, click on a project and see everyone on that project.  They have refined the User Interface to have these items visible again, but they are not clickable (yet?).


Any info appreciated!




Screenshots attached

- first one shows a snippet of calendar timeline

- second shows Skills as tags

- third shows Projects on the screen where you add and delete in your profile













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Screenshot please
See original post, edited to include screenshots
This is actually not new and was announced here and in the message center more than a month ago
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@Juan Carlos González Martín wrote:
This is actually not new and was announced here and in the message center more than a month ago

That's great... I searched here before posting but did not see the announcement.  Now I see this one:


I did not get anything in Message Center, I just looked back over 2-3 months and did not see anything on Delve.


I hope they continue to progress with this!



I had the skills setup to pull from custom skills term sets created in SharePoint Cloud 365. However, this feature disappeared and was replaced by a pre-defined list of skills. This pre-defined list doesn't represent the skills my org. uses and therefore is not longer a viable feature. Is there anyway to edit or customize the Delve skills?


Thank you in advance!

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