Power BI - Changes coming to Power BI on 1 June 2017

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I just received the following email, describing a change coming to PowerBI on June 1st 2017



This update will provide you with enhanced data capacity and refresh rates, as well as unlimited access to all data sources. Dashboard sharing will no longer be part of Power BI Free, but will still be available with Power BI Pro.

If you’re interested in an extended Power BI Pro trial that will run from 1 June 2017, to 31 May 2018, simply sign in as normal on or after 1 June 2017, and get going. Contact us to learn more about Power BI Pro.
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Your Power BI Team

Are we talking about this button ?




If so, Why removing it ?

I think that sharing a dashboard should be a basic function, even for basic free.


Thank you.

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Yeah, there are some more deep changes such as having 3 Power BI offerings, relaxing the limits in each offering, a Power BI Report Server, etc.

Yes this decision leaves a bitter taste.

 It's had minimal communication and is being implemented over a short time frame. Yet it will need sizable investment to maintain services beyond deadline that busineses have not accounted for.

I agree with this, we've pretty much stopped looking at 3rd party basic end-user BI tools because of what PowerBI free is providing. I guarantee this opens the door back up again.

I'm all for an "in between" offering, but losing the sharing is pretty absurd
Were going to start looking at Tableau due to all of this and the outrage the Embed web part in sharepoint caused my VPs.

We are now the June 2nd, and indeed, all users have been blocked, even if they should be eligible to the trial 12 months ...


And is there no way to have a list of users that is extended to the 12 month trial and users that have been blocked ??


Thank you.


We experience similar issues, no one is getting the option for a 12-month trial :(


Users should get this pop-up when they access PowerBIimage.png


Worth getting them to go the Power BI Notification Centre is they have not



The other aspect of the trial is that users may inadventaly use other Pro features which would have been prevented by the free version.


I've not checked yet but surely users for Pro will show up in the licensing section of Office 365 Admin


I have used the PowerBI Pro trial at the end of 2016 (long before May 1st). This morning I got the possibility to ask for a 60 days extension from the notifications. But right now, this has also vanished.


I think people can still go back to SharePoint Server 2016-Enterprise and some of these features.  There are quite a few hosting providers who provide Hosted SharePoint Server 2016.  While, they are not free but people looking for some of these features could always pick one of the Hosted Providers.


Apps4Rent is one such provider.  Then there is SherWeb and FPWeb.  We provide 24 x 7 support via phone; chat and e-mail.  Other providers mention that they too provide support.






Most of the users got the 12 months trial, so that's fine.


But we have a user that didn't receive the 12 month trial because not eligible (product team and support answer).

Since this was a breaking change without any warning, I asked MS to enable the 12 months trial just for this user (to have some time to study what to do with PBI) ... And the short answer is NO

I'm facing a wall.

I don't understand why being inflexible in this context, just for one trial