Outlook Web: Up next and Groups Icon removed

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Unfortunately this Space is no longer what it used to be (regularly updated Yammer group), but here goes:


  • Up Next is availble for us in the Inbox (between the first email and the Inbox Text)
  • Looks like Groups Icons have been removed in Outlook on the Web.
    • they are still available in OneDrive and Planner (please stop using rectangular groups icons there)
    • also, please bring back the icons in Outlook on the Web and throw them into Outlook 2016 as well, they were greate for quickly finding groups
  • Also, theres some possible A/B testing going on with the Group E-Mail Settings (Subscriptions) [there is a sepearate thread out there for this, since this wasn't announced]
    • now it's an "all in" or "nothing" instead of All, Replies and Events, Only @Me or Nothing.
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Ey @Ivan Unger seeing the same thing with the Groups' icons not being displayed in OWA... @Christophe Fiessinger again deploying something with no notification? :(


any response would be much appreciated :)

I don't understand the removal of the icons, when the spacing for the group names stayed the same in Outlook on the web. There is no "gain" in my opinion.

I completely agree with the first statement in this post! What a great space when this was Yammer! Wish there was somewhere to get that quality level content still.