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Michael Holste

Here is a massive Change Alerts worthy post - what's new to Office 365 in July. See all of the changes on the blog


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Any idea when PowerPoint Zoom will be in general release?

Sorry, no word yet. Keep an eye on blogs.office.com and this network, as we share all product news in its relevant group. 


Any plans on adding any of these new features (or features released over the past year) as updates for the MSI based installations?


We are not using the C2R version but we too do pay yearly licensing fees (in our case an EES campus agreement) and it can be a bit frustrating to never get any of these nice new bits. It just doesn't make sense in our deployment to go the C2R route (or maybe I haven't properly gotten my head wrapped around the entire management of C2R deployment, management and activation in our use model) as we have a shared use model for many of our computers (K-12 students). Some users don't have Office 365 accounts or licenses (PK to upper elementary) and we still have several  where a shared use login scenarios is used (elementary but also for specific occasions at the middle and high school level as well) where a user is running Office that doen'st have a valid O365 account and license.

Just giving my 2 cents.



You seem to be exploiting the benefits of your license for Office 2016 Pro, why would you get the benefits of Pro Plus for free ? It's kind of the point to tempt you to into paying more for the cloud centric version of Office.
Lots of schools do subscribe to Office 365 for all their students (my son's included) and I believe there is a substantial deal (something like pay for staff, get Students free). My son is allowed to download Office for use on his home PC, iPad etc. and is expected to submit homework in Word and PowerPoint formats.

@Steven Collier,

Sounds great, except no exploiting anything here. I want to make it clear that we ARE paying a yearly Micrsosoft Enterprise Licensing agreement (EES Campus agreement) fee (several thousand dollars) that covers all of our institutioanlly owned devices. You are correct in stating that we pay for staff (based on staff FTE count) and that covers all devices wheather used by staff or students. Microsof is generous enough (smart move) to offer all of our employees and students Office 365 Pro Plus licenses for "free". If I stop renewing our yearly agreement, I am contractually obligated to remove Office (2010, 2013, or 2016...or Windows 7/8/10 Pro/Enterprise/Edu unless that particular version of Windows came with the machine) from any of our school devices and the Office 365 Pro Plus license goes away as far as I can tell.


In the mean time we can offer all of our teachers and students installation of Office 365 Pro Plus on their own devices.... and they get features that they don't have on their school owned device. Our teachers and students are allowed those "free" (free to them, which is fantastic!) solely because our district continues renewing and paying for our yearly EES agreement. My guess would be that your son's school can offer that because they too cover their school owned devices with a Microsoft EES Campus agreement.


I COULD install Office 365 Pro Plus on all of my district's computers...... except that it just doesn't make sense for some usage models and just plain won't work in some. An Office 365 Pro Plus install must be logged into with an Office 365 account that has an Office 365 Pro Plus licence tied to it for it to function. Installed in shared used mode (don't remember the correct terminology here), an Office 365 Pro Plus install us activated and deactivated each time someone logs in to and out of the machine. We are not a 1-to-1 device school district so logging in and out using this shared use model is how we would have to do it. Only teacher devices are 1-to-1.


Problems here are that I don't have Office 365 accounts for my shared use logins (a shared use network username and password may be used for all computers in certain grade levels), or there are grade levels that I don't create an Office 365 login for, or there are the cases of a computer lab were a class might come in and a shared use login is already logged in on all 20+ machines ahead of time, ready for their use. Office 365 Pro Plus either doesn't make sense or just plain won't work in those cases. I can't see making a 2nd grade log in to Office with their own studentlogin27@student.domain.com and then logging riht back out and making the next student log in with their login just to use PowePoint.


Our MSI based installs "just work" in all sernarios. The licensing is handled centrally with a single KMS "server" host.... except that I have no way of getting new features. And that just plain stinks. We're a yearly paying customer just the same as an Office 365 Pro Plus install is a yearly paying customer. But, my students and employees suffer by not getting these new slick features. Leaves me really scratching my head!


Any comments from a Microsoft employee? These senarios have to be fairly common.

@Michael Holste


Zoom and the new writing assistant look awesome!  Can't wait! Are these rolling out in first relese now? 

Jared, you clearly know your options very well, the only point I would add is that if you should be able to configure your shared use installations to auto-activate based on the logged on user if you have an ADFS infrastructure.
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