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today i found a new message in the Admin-Portal Message center regarding GA of StaffHub. But when I searched the roadmap ( I just found StaffHub under "Indevelopment".


screenshot_roadmap.jpgI'm responsibly for changes and news on O365 in my company and this makes it even more complicated.

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Well spotted but I don't think that is unusual.  The roadmap I am sure will be updated in due course, I think it gets updated approxiamtely every two weeks (recently anyway), in batches with other updates, rather than individual items changing all the time.  That's how it appears on anyway (well worth subscribing to if you haven't already).  


The MC post is authoritative, so I don't think there is cause for too much confusion.  I do agree though if these are in sync, that's all the better.


The Roadmap is for general purpose announcments that apply to everyone and the Message Center is only going to show announcements that are directly applicable to your tenant.

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Yep! Cian and Dean are exactly right. The Message Center is authoritative and more targetted to your subscriptions and tenant.


I'll share a bit of insight:


Once a feature releases or product launches, the product marketing manager is responsible for updating the status of the corresponding item in the roadmap publishing system. Then the roadmap website is updated in the next publishing pass, which is done roughly once per week. (It was monthly until recently.)


Thanks for your replies.

That made it a bit easier for me to understand.


Glad this we were able to clarify! Also, StaffHub now shows in the "Released" category of the roadmap :)


@Dean Gross wrote:

Message Center is only going to show announcements that are directly applicable to your tenant.

That may be the intent, but I sure get a lot of announcements in the Message Center that has nothing to do with features that are/aren't in my tenant.