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Does anyone know if this "My Office" hub is new or has it been around for a while and I have only just noticed it? Couldn't find out much about it except some reports from last year but nothing that concrete? It's a dashboard for some Office settings and resources. 


My Office.png

It's appeared in my 'Recently added' programs but not sure where it came from but presumably in an Office update (I'm on Windows 10 Fall creators update and Office Insiders Fast).

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Hi Cian.

I am on Fall Creators Update and I don't have such app.

Presumably, it came to you with the latest Insider build?

I don't have it either and it seems an interesting feature!

Well, I have manually downloaded and installed it from the Store.

It looks interesting!


Thanks, Salvatore that makes sense now 


It's listed in the Store as 'Get Office', at some point this was updated to be more than just a promotion for Office 365 subscriptions and more a program to manage and use Office. Here is what it looks like for anyone wanting to check it out:


My Office.gif

Is this what you got when you installed it @Salvatore Biscari


Yes, it is that.

BTW, in the store I found it listed as "My Office":


2017-11-29 15_20_10-Microsoft Store.jpg


Thanks for the additional info, the entry is called 'Get Office' here (the screenshots don't match) though searching for 'My Office' also brings up this entry.  It would be nice to see some documentation for this program, I haven't found anything official.