Mailbox size warnings for admins

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I want to monitor Mailbox usage for all our users and I want to enable email notification for admins when Mailbox Quota status change to Warning.



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What's stopping you? :) There are ready-to-use scripts for that scenario, just do a search online. Or you can always rely on the Mailbox usage report in the M365 admin center.

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Hello Everyone
I communicated with O365 support team and the solution is create transport Rule from Microsoft Outlook to admin of O365 and the condition is subject or body includes "full" and it's working fine now.

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Can you elaborate or point me to some documentation on this? You've shared that ready-to-use scripts exist, but google is failing me on this.

I suggest you search on “Tony Redmond”. He is an Exchange expert who writes, getting into the weeds on the how and what of Exchange. You can find his writings at